Trip w/My two Men

Vacations are so scarce in Ronnie & I's life. We barely get any chance to spend anytime together, and so we decided that we would take some time out of our busy lives to get away for a little bit. Ronnie loves to fish, we both love to be outdoors, and we both love being with each other, including our pup. What better place to celebrate being together for 10 years, engaged for 8 today 2.22.16 & married for 6 in July. Crazy how fast time flies when you are in love, having fun, and living this fast paced life. God has blessed us both tremendously. We have spent more time apart than together, and now that we finally get the chance to be together, I feel like we get to actually spend time together between owning a business, his job, and life pulling us at every direction possible. This weekend was exactly what my soul needed. We trout fished, laughed, talked about life, our future, hiked a little, got sunburnt, and made memories I will never forget. Gastons is beautiful & we enjoyed just being "U-Z" as I would say. We had our own little cabin, that was the cutest little thing on the water. We ate too much to even fathom, and we caught up on much needed "together" time. Any chance I get I thank God for blessing me with Ronnie, but then there are sometimes that I step back and just stare. Man does he make my heart skip a beat, my face smile uncontrollably, and my eyes fill up with happy tears. He is the true definition of what a husband should be. He is supportive, the strong hands I need when I feel like I may fall, the shoulder to cry on when I need it, and the heart I need to feel loved, and the words I need to hear when I don't feel beautiful, or someone to laugh at me when I am being crazy. He amazes me daily. Life doesn't always go as planned. We never thought that we would be in Missouri after he graduated, but that is where we are. As we house hunt, and try to start the next chapter of our lives, I like to slow life down a bit, and live in the moment. Life is consumed of go-go-go, social media, and getting caught up not appreciating what is in front of us. This weekend made me realize that I am more than blessed to get to do life with Ronnie everyday. He makes my  heart whole, and is truly my soul mate. & I am thankful for the little time we do get together in between "life."

I didn't have my camera out too much on our mini trip, but here are a few of my favorites.

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Finding the best place to trout fish.

Fire time :)

Moscow Mules


Fresh air, water, and steaks cooking. Time to sit & relax. Think & reflect.

You get a line and Ill get pole honey.

So handsome.

We tried!!

My two handsomes.