Hey everyone! This is my first official blog post live. So many amazing, and exciting things are happening for Cieara Ruess Photography. I have re-branded, got some amazing new gear, and just received my amazing "The House of Flynn" Indie bag. It is the most gorgeous thing I have ever set my eyes on, besides my husband & my Mark III. But it is pretty darn close, and pretty friggin awesome-sauce. I was so ecstatic to see the mail lady drop it off at my door step. It was like Christmas morning, and of course my husband ran faster than I did to torture me by not letting me open it. I finally grabbed it from his hands and opened that box I have been waiting on! It was like a light had shined out of the box, and into my eyes. {Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but the bag is so awesome}. The House of Flynn is owned by one of the nicest photographers/entrepreneur you could meet. Maureen is so down to earth, an amazing activist for "sticking together" in the industry of photography, and she has one heck of a personality that anyone would love. She personally called me after my bag was purchased to chit-chat and talk about the bag, etc. She stands behind her business and behind every photographer out there that purchases her amazing products. You must check her gorgeous & genius products and bags out here www.thehouseofflynn.com

She will not disappoint you and you will find a lifelong friendship and laughter with her, I promise!


Okay so my baaaaggggg! Its the "Indie" Messenger bag and its just down right dreamy. It has the prettiest leather, so many compartments for all my needs for wedding shooting, and fits two camera bodies and a lense or two comfortably, even a laptop!! Wow!!!!!


So here is the beauty. Say it with me, "The Messenger Indie Bag!"

So like I said folks! Go check her amazing bags out! She is launching some dreamy bags here soon! You wont want to miss it, or you will be jealous if you ever see me out and about rocking this baby.





Cieara Ruess