Gorgeous Engaged Couple + Light + Love + Location

I can say so much about these two, but I am going to keep it short & sweet. When Tana asked me to photograph their wedding I was so very excited. I have known Tana for years, longer than I can remember, and I am so humbled that I get the chance to be apart of such a special day. Tana & Kevin are gorgeous. Any chance I am around them its always giggles, kisses, and Kevin telling me how lucky he is. Going into the session I was so ecstatic because we got to shoot at their wedding venue location & I got to spend an afternoon just capturing their love. Between the laughing, funny moments we experienced, walking around the property that they would say their "I do's" at, I was able to capture the love that they give each other. I have the best people in my life, that trust me to capture their special moments, and the most gorgeous in-love soon to be bride & grooms, that I call my friends. Seeing these two in love makes my heart happy. Tana you deserve the best, and I will tell you. You got just that my dear. & Kevin, just as you told me, you are the lucky one!

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