Hiking with my two handsome men.

St. Genevieve Missouri

Canon AE-1 || Mastin Labs- Portra800 || Grain

My husband and I love to be as active as we can be. We love to go an explore new territory &  hike as much as we can. Instead of going to the gym today we decided to go hike Pickle Springs and it took us about 2 hours round trip. We brought our frumpy with us because he of course loves to go an explore. Today in Missouri it was 65* and sunny. I got even more excited for spring & summer. The wind in my hair, the sun on my skin, the sound of "nothing" and spending an afternoon in the wilderness with my loves. God never ceases to amaze me. The tall trees, the smell of freshness, water trickling down the natural land, and feeling blessed. God is always faithful, and capturing this afternoon was just what my soul needed.

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Here goes nothing.

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Pooping and I get this face.

picklesprings2016-9 picklesprings2016-10 picklesprings2016-11

Mr. Rock Expert.

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Love him. Dad doesn't know how to focus. Oh well.

picklesprings2016-25 picklesprings2016-26 picklesprings2016-27

Those arms.


I love this man.

Puppy friends. & Butts to sniff.

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Little Qalo Ring love.

picklesprings2016-45 picklesprings2016-46 picklesprings2016-47


picklesprings2016-49 picklesprings2016-50

Someones art.


heart and love.

picklesprings2016-54 picklesprings2016-55 picklesprings2016-56 picklesprings2016-57 picklesprings2016-58 picklesprings2016-59

Loves the water.

picklesprings2016-61 picklesprings2016-62 picklesprings2016-63 picklesprings2016-64

I love trees.

picklesprings2016-66 picklesprings2016-67

Must be nice to be so admired.

picklesprings2016-69 picklesprings2016-70 picklesprings2016-71 picklesprings2016-72 picklesprings2016-73 picklesprings2016-74

Um. This thing is off for sure.

picklesprings2016-76 picklesprings2016-77 picklesprings2016-78

Rock climbing.



picklesprings2016-82 picklesprings2016-83 picklesprings2016-84

Food for bocephus.


Looking for Dad.

picklesprings2016-88 picklesprings2016-89 picklesprings2016-90 picklesprings2016-91 picklesprings2016-92

Damn he is fine.


Whooo der'.

Puppy lovin.

King of da' hills.

Farting :( Eww.

picklesprings2016-99 picklesprings2016-100 picklesprings2016-101 picklesprings2016-102

So beautiful.


Gods amazing creation all in one photo.

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