I have known Krysten & Ryan for as long as I can remember. They have been together about as long as my husband and I, if not longer. They have a one of a kind love, and surely share a special bond. Ryan can make anyone laugh to almost tears, but he knows how to make Krysten smile & laugh uncontrollably, and I adore that. I wanted to do something special for them for their 1 year wedding anniversary so I surprised them with a 1 year wedding Anniversary session. Kristen & Ryan are like family, and what more could be perfect than a fall-outdoorsey session. We sat by the fire, went on a little boat ride, & ate smore's. Because we all need a little s'more of our significant others love. We had a blast walking the property and stopping to take pictures to show their love story. Ryan and Krys, you two are perfect, I love you guys, and so happy that you two have found your forever. Thank you for entrusting in little ol' me to photograph your special moments in your lives.


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