June 2015

Cieara Ruess Photography

This past June I helped co-host a photography retreat with Amelia Protiva with Amelia Protiva Photography,  for a group of amazing photographers who drove & flew in just to learn from one other about branding, why we shoot what we shoot, the passion behind our work, friendship, and how to stylize a shoot. I was so excited to get together the details for the stylized shoot. I found the perfect couple, contacted some vendors, picked a theme, and set up something so magical. We had the perfect location tucked away in Rolla Missouri, at the amazing Venue of Kabekona Hills. Such an amazing property, and it was a perfect setting for our retreat. We not only had a stylized shoot, a surprise dinner Saturday night, but we canoed, got in the hot-tub, had s'mores around the fire, sat and drank coffee every morning with an amazing view, talked, built lasting friendships, and laughed a lot, like a lot, a lot.

Stylized Session: Cieara Ruess Photography

Host: Cieara Ruess + Amelia Protiva

Location: Kabekona Hills

Speakers: Abby Wiltrout { Simply Gracious Photography}

Flower Crown: Melody Krenning

Dresses: Maurices + Dottie Couture 

Models: Danny Zammit + Court Eaves

Film FUJI400// Canon 5DMarkIII/35 mm

Workshop Attendees: Alex Glenn, Carleigh Cline, Megan Scott, Stephanie Nunley, Kendra Kiser, Hannah Ours, Tessa Dixon.

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Such an amazing time, and so thankful to get to meet such an amazing community of photographers and most importantly we can work together.