Dustin + Whitney have been my friends for, well, ever. I adore and love them so much. We have so many memories together, and have went through a lot. Being able to capture their precious #2 baby girl, I was honored and so very excited. A dear friend of ours got them a gift card, and I could barely contain my excitement knowing I was going to be getting to snuggle such a sweet baby. Miss. Reagan was born more than perfect, and she is already loved by so many. She is Heaven sent, that is for sure. We all know that she was hand selected by her Grandpa Scott, Great Uncle Tye and then of course her Uncle Mike in heaven. They are missed dearly, but we know that they are looking down, and are so proud of the family that Dustin and Whitney have created.

I had so much fun during this session because seeing people that I grew up with become parents, makes me so happy. & then of course seeing Dustin with two little girls is a sight to see. He is so compassionate, and loves his three girls with all that he has.

Their lifestyle session was laid back, and captured the Payne family just as they are, gorgeous and lovable.

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