My goal for the 2017 year was to travel more and see more of the world that God has blessed us with. I love being able to experience new things, meet new people and photograph all walks of life. I have always wanted to travel to Oregon so I planned a trip to Portland Oregon and decided to make the best of the trip. I had made a list on pinterest, like most girls do, and pinned must-do's. One important thing I wanted to do was to photograph a gorgeous couple on the beach of Canon Beach, Oregon. I ended up connecting with a very special and in love couple, Michael and Clair. Clair's sister Sophie is a photographer in the Eugene Oregon area (Sophie Alexander Photography). So Clair had connected the three of us to schedule a shoot while I was there, and I am just blown away at how in love these two are. 

Clair and Michael have a very special and one of a kind love. Clair's father Ron met Michael and instantly saw that he would be the perfect puzzle piece to Clair's life. He decided to invite Michael to a swing dancing festival that his daughter would be at, and they ended up meeting and falling in love. Michael and Clair have such a special bond, and when they look at each other, they have such loving eyes and smiles. The both of them have decided to wait to kiss until their wedding day, and when Clair told me that, my heart melted. I love each couples story, and I love that they are keeping such an intimate and special moment for the day that they say, "I do!" A day of commitment for a lifetime, and to seal it all with their first kiss, makes me tear up to even think about it. 

Clair and Michael, I am so honored and so glad I got to meet you and photograph your special love. I can't wait to hear when you both decide to get engaged, and I am so excited to share these gorgeous photos. I am DYING!!!! Look at how much they love each other. God is good, and has blessed me so much to be able to photograph such gorgeous love stories. 

Cieara Ruess Photography || St.Louis Photographer 

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