Where do I even begin with this wedding? If this is any indication of how my 2017 weddings are going to be, well, then this year will be the best year yet. When Anthony asked me if I wanted to fly down to photograph their wedding in Austin Texas, I jumped up and down. Anthony is my cousin, and someone I have always looked up to. We grew up very close, and I love and adore the man he is today. I am so incredibly honored to have been the one to capture their love story. I have cried this whole time editing these photos, and I am just to anxious to share. Their day was mixed with so much love, happiness, remembrance, dancing, mexican culture, and the beauty of Texas. I am blown away at how they look at each other. My goodness do they love each other. Every little detail was perfect, and their wedding day goes down in my books as one of my favorite weddings. Maybe because its so special to me, I don't really know, but what I do know is I have the best job in the world. Julianca and Anth, I love you both so much! I hope you love and cherish these photos of a lifetime. You two are amazing! Never stop looking at each other the way you did on your wedding day. I love you both! Now make some babies, I need to photograph them!