It is very rare that my husband and I get to pack up the truck with our pup and hit the road. We have talked about going on a mini getaway for a while now, and finally we set the date and booked our weekend. We first stopped in Nashville & then stayed the rest of our trip in Gatlinburg, TN. We are what you would call "outdoorsy" so we enjoy hiking and taking in God's amazing creation. I brought my big camera and my film camera along for the trip. I wanted to be able to capture some memories but also not be too involved with my camera. So I only captured parts of our trip so that I was focusing my time and energy on my two men. After our busy lives, my busy wedding season and then my semester, this trip was exactly what my soul needed. I was able to breathe the fresh mountain air & really sit back and think about how blessed I am. 2016 was a blur and such a busy year for me. I was non stop running around doing something or trying to make someone happy. I am blessed for the opportunities I did have last year and have set so many more goals for 2017. This year I am focusing on myself and my husband. I am going to work hard at embracing every moment, and trying to stay more involved with real life vs social media. I am going to disconnect as much as I can. I want to be able to pick up my camera and capture the real life raw moments. 2017 for me will be a fresh start of not only my health, but for my soul. I am going to work hard with my school, my business, and doing what is best for me. I have always been a people pleaser, and have a hard time saying "NO!" This year I am going to be saying no, charging what I believe I am worth, and will be focusing my time and energy on people who love and cherish me. I am so ready to get this year going! I have so many weddings booked, trips planned, and fun dates already booked with my handsome bearded man. Ronnie and I really needed this trip. We focused on each other, and what we love most. My favorite quote of the trip was, "God made all of this beauty, but my favorite is you!" I am so blessed to get to do life with such an amazing man. We are not perfect, we fight, argue, bicker and sometimes we can't stand each other. But at the end of the day, we are each other's person. We are best friends. We laugh together, we dream together, and we are complete together. He is my soul mate and 2017 is going to be an even better year for the both of us. Wherever God decides to take us this year, with you darling, I am home.