Well, where do I even begin with this wedding. It was such an act of God that I was chosen to photograph this special wedding day for Ty & Di. God works in mysterious ways and I just know that he had a hand on their heart when they decided to book me for their wedding photographer. This wedding has a special place in my heart for many reasons, and I am in love with everything about their wedding day. The details, to the dress, to the love that they share, the love of their family and friends, and how quaint and intimate the wedding day was. People say that as you get older its harder to find true love. Well I beg to differ after seeing the way that Ty looks at his bride. Wow. I was mush all day long. He adores and loves her with his whole heart, and the way they look at each other can make a hopeless romantic like me cry and weak in the knees. The day was beautiful on July 30th. The weather was just the right temperature, the venue was perfect for their small wedding, and everyone that showed up to spend the day with the Barker's was amazing. I wish you both nothing but love & happiness. Thank you for letting little ol' me capture your wedding day. So much love to the both of you, and all of your amazing kiddos.