So when Erika asked me to take her family photos, my heart jumped a little. For obvious reasons being that they are so stunning, she has the cutest style, and I haven't taken photos of little Hunter since his 1 year cake smash. Of course little kiddos are the hardest to photograph, and Hunter was not having it, but in my opinion boys will be boys, and these will be photos they cherish for a lifetime, looking back at his little pouty lip. Moments in life go by so fast, and capturing photos that are families being their true selves will be better than posing and smiling at the camera for every photo. I adore each and every family I have in front of my camera, and I am so in love with this session. Everything speaks for itself, they are one gorgeous family. I think Erika and Justin need to have a little girl asap, because hello, they're perfect.