Birth. Love. New Life. Complete.

So if you would have asked me to photograph a birth months ago, I would have said, " NO!" I did not know what to expect, and honestly I did not want to scare myself away from getting pregnant one day. Births are so much more than one would expect. I knew that there was going to be a lot going on, but I never imagined to experience what I did on March 23rd, 2016. Tina is like a sister to me, and when she asked me to photograph her last and final babies birth, I agreed! Not only was this the last of a completed family of 8, but their last girl. We as a family have all been hoping and praying to bless them with one more healthy baby girl. They were blessed with exactly what they prayed for, a beautiful baby girl. Demi Rose Stolzer, and she is already loved and spoiled so much. The emotions running through me during this birth are hard to explain. I have grown up alongside Tina since I was about 5 years old, our moms are best friends, and seeings such a beautiful moment happen like this, all I could do was cry behind the lens. Between witnessing Tina giving birth, Kyle smiling and being such a supportive husband, and the mothers and Tina's best friend there helping to make sure the birth went smoothly, I am so incredibly blessed I was able to experience such a beautiful act of God. Birth is amazing. You carry this little baby for 9 months or so. You dream of what they will look like, cry like, and hope they are healthy. & then in a matter of minutes, a precious, and very loved baby is born. That is depending on you, needing you from the second they are born. Tears. Thats all I can say. I am officially hooked on birth stories, and want a baby really, really soon! 


Enjoy this gorgeous birth story. Most are B&W for the graphic material in the images. If you do not like blood or boobies! Stop now! 

Otherwise enjoy the beautiful love story that God has planned for the Stolzer family. 

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